Transform is a consultancy providing individually designed, strategic consultancy services to the leaders of client organisations.

We work with corporates, well as public sector organisations, but most of our track record is with organisations seeking to achieve progressive social change such as social enterprises, charities, social housing organisations, policy & lobbying bodies and international development NGOs.

Our Vision & Beliefs

Our vision is of a world where progressive social change is delivered to address the intractable challenges facing our world.

Our Promise

We promise to support you choose not only the right solution for you, but also to ensure that you have the right consultant and consultancy that you need.

Why Clients Call Us

Potential new clients approach us with a range of challenges.

Our People & Partners

Transform was founded and is led by John Tierney. With John, there is a core team of associate partners and a small number of strategic partners.

Our Clients

Explore our clients on the basis of where they are, what they mainly do, whose needs they seek to serve or the type of organization they are.

Our Data Privacy Policy

The security if the data we hold about our clients is very important to us.  We have updated our privacy policy here.

“The leadership intervention we delivered was ‘a fantastic opportunity for us and a high level capacity development intervention. Many thanks to the consultants for their kind support and their patience”.

T. Georges Coulibaly – Director of Programmes, MSIBF