Our Promise

We promise to support you choose not only the right solution for you, but also to ensure that you have the right consultant and consultancy that you need.

We promise to work to the highest professional standards to ensure your solutions are delivered.

This section shows you how we will achieve that – with your support.

Choosing the Right Consultancy and Consultant

There are four key things that a person recruiting a consultant or coach may wish to consider:

1. The consultant has the right skills and experience

Right Skills and Experience

Please refer to the People & Partnerships section and decide for yourself.

2. There’s a good cultural and personal fit between the organisation and the consultant

Getting the Right Cultural and Personal Fit

We have a lot of experience in creating effective consulting partnerships. So here we offer you some guidelines to help you think about this important question, so you have the right consultancy and consultant to address your particular needs. If you choose Transform, these guidelines will also help you ensure that together we can maximise the value and effectiveness of the consultancy.

Download (pdf) our guidelines to working effectively with Transform

3. The business expectations are clear and agreed

Clear Business Expectations

Most of our work comes through individual referrals, but we also win work through competitive tenders. In all cases we prepare a detailed specification of:

  • Our understanding of your needs, recognising that those needs may change during the course of the assignment, but being sure that you can evaluate our performance against a clear goal from the outset.
  • Where appropriate, a preliminary analysis of issues related to the goal of the consultancy, so you can be sure that our approach and methodology addresses what it should address – your concerns.
  • What we will do to address those needs. This means an overall approach to the work and a detailed specification of the activities we will undertake, who will undertake them and when, so you can control the process.
  • Our written Terms of Business, so there are no ambiguities from the start, including a estimate of the costs of our work with a detailed breakdown, so the financial side of things is transparent and you can see there are no hidden extras.
  • Our approach from an ethical and professional standpoint, including adherence to good practice and legislation relating to diversity, equity and discrimination.

During the course of every assignment we will ensure there are opportunities for mutual feedback and, where necessary a second look at the direction the project is taking.

Please contact us for a copy of our standard Terms of Business.

4. The Consultant work to high professional & ethical standards

Professional Standards

Working in a largely unregulated sector, it is important to follow high professional standards. So, apart from our own ideas on working with clients, we are associated with a number of accrediting bodies to whose professional standards and ethical policies we seek to adhere.

Maintaining High Professional and Ethical Standards


Our Director is a Fellow of the IC and follows their Code of Professional Conduct.

EUConsult logo for website

We are members of EU Consult, a professional body for consultants working across Europe with civil society organisations.

NCVO-Member-logo-2014 (1)

We are Corporate members of NCVO, the body that seeks to champion civil society.


Our Director is a Member of the EMCC and our coaching work follows the EMCC’s ethical codes and standards.


We share many of our clients’ concerns about environmental sustainability, so we are members of Ethical Junction.


Our Director is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and follows their Code of Professional Practice.