Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where progressive social change is delivered to address the intractable challenges facing our world.

Our Beliefs

We believe that consulting – and this consultancy in particular – has a small part to play in delivering this vision, by supporting organisations get in shape to deliver and to learn from their experience.

Transform was established because we believe:

  • Transformational change is a practical possibility at the personal, organisational or societal level.
  • Transformational change is required to work effectively with the intractable social & economic problems that face every society.
  • To deliver transformational change we need healthy organisations.
  • Carefully designed consultancy solutions can make a real difference to the way organisations work and how they feel, fostering organisational health and increasing capacity.

Our Purpose

Transform is devoted to providing consulting and allied solutions to address the complex organisational challenges faced principally by agencies working in social change arenas like housing, social exclusion, neighbourhood renewal, health, social care, international development and the environment. We are an independent private limited company operating to the highest standards of ethical and business practice. This means that we’re clear and proud to call ourselves a business whose concern is above all the public interest.