About this Blog

What you do is what you do, isn’t it? Nothing special there. What I do is work mainly with civil society organisations, but also some public and corporate sector outfits, to help them change. For the better. For good. If you provide a list of the things you do, the services you offer, like strategic planning, leadership development, corporate governance, culture change and performance management, they are just words.

And tricky sounding words too that put you off and imply more questions than they answer. So, this blog is about the stories, the joys and the woes of making tranformative change happen (on a good day) and when and why it doesn’t (on a bad day). And this blog is dedicated to my daughter who asked the question a few years ago: ‘What do you do again, Dad?’

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Going Round in Circulars

A guide to doubling your income by listening nice Take Away Line It’s always good to peak over the hedge to see how the neighbours do things. I was in Hamburg this summer and saw that this city, which has twice the income per head of ‘thriving’ Northern English cities, has not only adopted different…


Seeing you, seeing me

Board diversity from a psychological perspective Take-Away Line Revisions to governance codes and supporting advice to boards have taken to heart the notion of ‘behavioural governance’, to support boards offer the independence of mind and rigour that effective organisational leadership needs. But they have so far failed to address questions of psychological diversity, the range…


Listening to the Cheshire Cat

Keeping the conversation about social outcomes live Take Way Line One of the hardy annual debates in the social housing  sector is how far into social development we go, or to what extent are we – preference of the current government – should focus on development and being efficient landlords of housing for the less…


Ensuring your board count with BoardsCount Panorama

Take Away Line BoardsCount Panorama offers great value: after an engaging online experience, it provides you with a high quality report from which your board can agree its areas of collective strength (and build on them) and also any areas to be strengthened.  The service is grounded in research, has been tested in consultancy practice…


How BoardsCount Panorama can help your organisation

Take Away Line There are plenty of examples of where boards may fail to spot the big shocks that will have a significant impact on their future success, the bank crash and Brexit being just two examples of potentially existential threats to organisational viability that many organisations in the UK failed to model.  But the…


Genies, personal spiritual growth and organisational life

Take Away Line The image of the genie is sometimes used to convey the idea of the vast potential for growth latent within all of us, growth, which Jungians hold, is our natural desire for individuation. But can this urge, essentially something usually seen as a matter for the individual  to accomplish alone, also be…


Silvertop Surfing: Ageing and Individuation

Take Away Line Jung gave insights into the psychological processes that take place in the second half of life. Work organisations need wisdom of this nature better to make judgements about their futures. But few seem to understand or support the maturing process towards individuation and focus instead on the apparently mad impulses of mid-life…


I’m not paranoid – I’m just isolated: coaching reflections

Take Away Line All of us have these little annoying loops that go round in our minds. They can sometimes appear almost paranoid. But can we think of them as purposeful in anyway? Sometimes they can mask a bigger concern, distracting us from tackling that bigger concern. Here’s a coaching tale of working with these…


In praise of recognition, but not praise itself

Take Away Line Half-hearted praise does as much for self-esteem as casual criticism. If you want to build the confidence of your people, they need to feel recognised not praised. And that’s about how you engage with them. Whole-hearted and fully present engagement may sound ungainly as a phrase, but it’s the trick to build…