Boards are challenged. In a tougher environment, when governance continues to be in the spotlight, they need to know how well they are governing. But it’s not easy to know how well that is.

BoardsCount™ is a suite of board development tools designed to respond to boards’ need to find out how well they’re doing – and to support them make the changes to be a stronger board.

BoardsCount Panorama™

BoardsCount Panorama™ is designed to help you assess what your board members understand to be the big issues for the governance or their organisation, so you can plan how to take your board to the next level.

We will shortly launch new web pages on this service, so watch this space for more information.


BoardsCount Dimensions™

BoardsCount Dimensions™ is a governance benchmarking system, designed to help your organisation’s board compare the facts about governance practice so it can make plans to develop.

We are currently redeveloping this service and will announce our plans soon.

In the meantime, why not try our Governance Benchmarking Taster and see how your views on the issues compare with others?


BoardsCount 360™

We have a tried and tested method of running Board Member 360-degree appraisals.

BoardsCount Perspectives™

Sometimes it’s important to get the views of your stakeholders about how well your board is performing its job of governing the organisations.
Be they members, shareholders, senior staff or others who may be aware of how well your board is performing, this is the tool that can provide you with systematic feedback in easy to use form.


BoardsCount Partnerships™

BoardsCount Partnerships™ is a development framework for inter-agency partnerships, which have both governance and operational oversight elements to their roles. We’ve used our framework to help them move to the next step of their development – and achieve greater cohesion and bottom line success as a result.


Senior executives in organisations are always keen to maintain their edge. We’ve teamed up with WorldsView Academy, who have developed three amazing interventions to develop leaders and the collective culture of leadership in their organisations.

Nine Conversations in Leadership™

A high level, integrated leadership development programme, ideal to deliver in-organisational transformational change.

See the brochure here


Heart of Leadership™

A high-impact one-day intervention to help ignite a passion for leadership.

See the brochure here

Purposeful Teams™

Purposeful Teams is the intervention for your team if you want to review where the team is and work in depth on moving to the next level.

See the brochure here


Senior executive teams in organisations need to understand their operating environments to help them make their plans for the future. But they also need to understand how they are doing as a team to embrace the challenges that their environment presents to them.

We’ve developed some great support options for top teams to help develop themselves and to fulfil their roles to plan for the future of their organisations.

Transform’s External Stakeholder Survey

We have a well-honed methodology to survey external stakeholders to draw out the key strategic messages.


Transform’s Membership Survey

We have helped many organisations survey their members and our method works.


Transform’s Staff Climate & Engagement Survey

Our carefully developed Staff Climate & Engagement Survey helps organisation draw out the key assets and challenges, as experienced by their staff team.


Transform’s Top Teams Diagnostic

We have a unique and carefully researched diagnostic tool to help your top team assess where it is and what it need to do next to develop further.


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“The Governance Effectiveness Reviews across Orbit provided real insight into how our Board’s operated and highlighted clear areas for improvement individually and collectively – a great help!”

Paul Tennant, Group Chief Executive, Orbit Group