Executive coaching is all about enabling growth at a truly personal level – for professional purposes. Moving to the next level of performance – be that in a current role, a change of responsibilities or in a new role – may not only demand the acquisition of new skills, but also the acquisition of new ways of understanding and increasing impact.

Whether it’s to overcome blocks, to manage tricky situations, or to consider new opportunities, executive coaching can help by enabling a safe space to stand back, to reflect, perhaps to reframe and to consider new options. Through their own coaching, leaders can also help foster a coaching culture back in their organisations, an increasingly common requirement of today’s busy leaders.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Think through a particular challenge.
  • Plan their next career move.
  • Act as a sounding board for a major decision.
  • Tackle a stumbling block that they are facing.
  • Help them understand and improve work relationship challenges.
  • Review where they are in their current role.

Our approach is based on the Tavistock model of Systems-Psychodynamic Executive Coaching. In some respects similar to other coaching styles, this model also draws heavily from both the traditions represented at the Tavistock & Portman Clinic (an NHS Foundation Trust and leaders in mental health care and education), which draw from psychodynamic ideas and systemic thinking. The approach takes a gentle but deep view of the whole person, in their work role, as well as in relation to their personal development. Thus, over a number of sessions, a coaching journey may examine not only work role issues directly, but also wider and related issues of the organisational setting as well as aspects of a coachee’s non-work life.

In addition to one-to-one executive coaching, we also offer team coaching and support to develop a coaching culture across an organisation. Most of our clients are organisations who agree a block of sessions for each person receiving coaching.

One of our strategic partners is Thinking Aloud (internal hyperlink to the Strategic Partners page), a new specialist coaching practice that provides a community of practice and professional development space for coaches who are trained in a similar way and to a similar depth. In this way, you can be confident of high standards of professional development and supervision.

‘Pat’ was a senior executive in the housing sector.

The approach was first to reflect upon career to date and to consider future career options. These options included a more senior role in this or in another organisation.

Over five two-hour sessions, we examined the presenting challenge, but also looked at the motive for moving on. Our sessions quickly refocused around work relationships, relationships with line managers in particular, but also relationship handling in general. Patterns emerged that may not have helped ‘Pat’ achieve the best results. We considered additional options in a number of live situations, ones that perhaps would lead to more desirable outcomes.

By the end of the coaching, ‘Pat’ had decided to remain with the organisation, strengthening some new ways of understanding people situations, while connecting with and leading people in a more ‘choiceful’ way.

“You’ve been there, a real source of wisdom and support, with great insights and in particular an alternative support, when things were really difficult.”

Chair of a very large social housing group