Team Development

Modern organisations are fleet of foot, agile and led by teams. It is in teams that decisions are made and teams are used to improve performance. Whether permanent or project, teams are great for dealing with complexity too. It’s the job of leaders to build teams, to lead teams and to participate in teams. It is also the job of leaders to foster a team culture in their organisations.

But creating and sustaining healthy teams is hard. It requires maturity, emotional skill and dedication. And the rewards are worth the effort: higher engagement and performance.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Take a senior teams through a development journey.
  • Support a senior team step up.
  • Coach top teams through a new set of choices.
  • Benchmark a team’s stage of development.
  • Help a team understand its talents  and development needs.
  • Help team manage conflict and negotiation better.

We offer two options:

  1. We provide individually designed interventions to help teams develop understand and overcome block, to move to the next level and to be more deliberate about how they operate and, crucially, how they learn. Quite commonly we enable a process-reflective approach in which part of the intervention is to observe a real meeting and to engage in process learning during a facilitated reflection afterwards.
  2. In partnership with our colleagues at Worlds View Academy, developers of some astonishing organisational development tools, we are accredited to deliver a tried and tested team development intervention, called the Purposeful Teams Intervention™. The intervention consists of a two-day workshop followed by two half-day review processes.

“Our senior team needs to move up a gear”

In brief, we:

  • Agreed an 18 month programme of off-site away days to identify changes leaders needed to make in their work and operating styles, as well as their ways of functioning as a team.
  • Content of meetings based around ‘real’ business issues, but conducted in a process reflective way to draw out and articulate learning, increase collective emotional fluency and reinforce change.
  • Post-intervention review to check progress.
“Transform’s John Tierney facilitated a series of meetings with senior staff and our board as we worked through some tough choices for the future of direction of our organisation. John’s light but insightful touch enabled us to get to where we needed to be with much greater ease than I’d first anticipated”.

Chief Executive, Large Housing Group