Quality & Impact

Leaders are interested in managing work quality and demonstrating the outcomes and impact of their organisation’s work because they want to eliminate unnecessary activities or waste, learn about what works and do more of it. There is a bewildering array of quality management tools to aid organisational learning and to improve performance.

It’s important to benefit from the quality and impact tools that are right for your work and your mission.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Improve their use of their existing approaches to monitoring performance and impact.
  • Carry out surveys of members and/or external stakeholders to assess impact.
  • Advise on appropriate KPIs and reporting systems.
  • Improve their processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Develop outcome measurement systems.
  • Help select a quality or performance management system.

We recognise that organisations want to:

  • Strive for continuous improvement.
  • Use an appropriate performance improvement tool as a means and not an end in itself.
  • Demonstrate outcomes and impact.
  • Meet the expectation that stakeholders have of them.
  • Learn from how they do things as well as what they do

So, we support these things by helping you define what you need and supporting you through the process of monitoring better your work and indicating better your impact, whether that’s though designing new systems, facilitating the development of new KPIs or working on better reporting systems. All with the aim of demonstrating and increasing impact.

The organisation, an international network of civil society members, was struggling to square a circle. On the one hand, it needed to report to its key funder using a ‘logframe’ approach of measures that were time consuming to collect and added little value to the running of the organisation. On the other hand, it needed some simple but effective measures to assess performance easily, so that it could show that it was on track and report to its board and members.

Following a facilitated meeting of staff, we worked with the logframe and designed a simple way in which the agency could report on the requirements of the logframe, while drawing out some of its KPIs, articulating them in a way that was useful for internal management purposes. Hard to think through but simple in terms of result, the circle was finally squared.

“Transform has supported us diligently over an extended period to develop a monitoring & evaluation system that has not only allowed us to meet the needs of major funders, and to learn from our performance but has also provided us with the critical insights we need as the basis of our strategic planning”.

Anne-Sophie Parent, Director, AGE Platform Europe