Good consulting – and most certainly the strategic leadership of our client organisations – starts and ends with questions of policy.

By its nature consulting is case based. Yet consultants have much to offer the policy arena on the basis of their case-based practice, drawing out the lessons from the experience of a broad range of real client situations and applying them, for example, across a sector.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Research a management topic with implications for policy.
  • Prepare for new approaches to regulation.
  • Evaluate the policy functions of an organisation.
  • Develop policy options for public consultation.
  • Draft new policy position papers.
  • Review an element of sector-wide policy.

Working on relevant policy topics can inform new approaches to service development delivery and regulation. Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Governance
  • Social and Community Housing
  • Leadership Development

Our blog, Transforming Tales, picks up some of the policy threads arising from our work.

Several of our assignments have resulted in publications in the past. See our Downloads page for more information.

“As a government agency, we want to ensure we are leading the way on a particular issue.”

In brief we:

  • Administered a survey of civil society organisations and government officials.
  • Prepared a report for ministers and for publication.
  • Ran a workshop in which the key policy messages were taken up by other government departments.
“The combination of thorough research, insightful policy analysis and sensitive facilitation took our collective thinking forward as a diverse group. The published result was influential not just in terms of Defra’s thinking on full cost recovery, but also across a number of government departments as well as in the third sector itself”.

Trewin Restorick, Founder and Senior Partner, Global Action Plan and (then) Co-Chair, DEFRA’s Compact Group