Strategic & Business Planning

Lewis Carol had the Cheshire Cat say to Alice: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”. That may be ok for some organisations, but it has the downside that you might not end up a place you’d like to be.

Organisations plan so they know where they are going, so they can assess their performance and so they can inspire their people to deliver to that goal. But it can be tough to identify and focus on the few, big issues, especially in the collaborative working environment that many modern organisations try to create.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Review organisational values, vision and mission.
  • Design a process to deliver a new strategy.
  • Consider the options in relation to a major new opportunity.
  • Survey members and/or other stakeholders to support future strategy development.
  • Facilitate key planning meetings.
  • Develop senior managers’ planning skills.

We help organisations build their collective planning skills. We do this by supporting them collect the information they need upon which to plan; we support clients draw out the big points upon which future plans are to be built; we support clients operationalise their strategy; and we help them cascade the message across the organisation.

We have some valuable tools to help develop strategy, including:

  • A tried and tested external stakeholders’ survey.
  • For membership organisations, a valued membership survey-based methodology.
  • A staff climate and engagement survey tool.
  • A high-level focus group process to get under the surface of the issues.

See our Online Tools page for more details.

“We want to take our planning forward and make sure we can achieve the plans we agree”.

In brief we:

  • Reviewed the existing planning architecture.
  • Worked closely with senior managers, supporting them in an internal and external strategic review, using our survey tools.
  • Led a series of workshops with staff and the board, leading to agreement on key issues.
  • Facilitated a senior team workshop to draw out learning for next planning round.
“What Transform brought to us was a sense of rigour alongside a relaxed approach. This enabled us to think creatively, feeling secure that with their help, we’d end up with a coherent, challenging yet realistic new strategic plan. And we’d enjoy ourselves on the way!”

Top Team Director, large UK Housing Group