Our Online Tools

  • We are designing and launching a suite of online tools to support boards and senior executives assess performance, benchmark and plan for their development.
  • The first of these, BoardsCount Panorama™, is now live.
  • Boards are challenged. In a tougher environment, when governance continues to be in the spotlight, they need to know how well they are governing. But it’s not easy to know how well that is.
  • BoardsCount™ is a suite of board development tools designed to respond to boards’ need to find out how well they’re doing – and to support them make the changes to be a stronger board.
  • With the first of these now up and running, we are busy developing other tools in the suite.
  • Senior executive teams in organisations need to understand their operating environments to help them make their plans for the future. But they also need to understand how they are doing as a team to embrace the challenges that their environment presents to them.
  • We’ve developed some great support options for top teams to help develop themselves and to fulfil their roles to plan for the future of their organisations.
  • Currently available as consultancy services, we are in the process of designing and launching online services including TopTeams Count™