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Over the years, we have produced a number of influential policy and practice reports for clients and for sectors.  Some are now no longer in print, but still may be of interest.  We can supply some of these in pdf format. Simply contact us to and we will arrange this.

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  • Article in Inside Housing on Treading the Boards.pdf
  • BoardsCountTM 2007 – Volume 2 – Detailed Statistics
  • BoardsCountTM 2007 Summary Report
  • BoardsCountTM 2007 Volume 1 – Sector Overview Report
  • Homing in on Performance
  • House Styles
  • Sector Study 35a – Future housing demand to 2021- The big picture
  • Sector Study 35b – Future Housing Demand to 2021 – The regional picture
  • Sector Study 35c – Future housing demand to 2021- The political and economic picture
  • Sector Study 35d – Future Housing Demand to 2021 – The social exclusion Picture

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