Our Blog: Transforming Tales

Live learning from a roaming change consultant


[toggle title=”About this Blog”]What you do is what you do, isn’t it? Nothing special there. What I do is work mainly with civil society organisations, but also some public and corporate sector outfits, to help them change. For the better. For good. If you provide a list of the things you do, the services you offer, like strategic planning, leadership development, corporate governance, culture change and performance management, they are just words.

And tricky sounding words too that put you off and imply more questions than they answer. So, this blog is about the stories, the joys and the woes of making tranformative change happen (on a good day) and when and why it doesn’t (on a bad day). And this blog is dedicated to my daughter who asked the question a few years ago: ‘What do you do again, Dad?’[/toggle]


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