Culture and Alignment

By its nature, organisational culture has a subtle but powerful impact on our working lives.

Influencing the future development of an organisation’s structure/feel/ethos/way of doing things can be achieved by consideration of such visible things as job roles, team and reporting structures, working processes, meetings, support and supervision. And it can also be influenced by working on the less tangible aspects of organisational life, like clarifying the operating values and devising ways to really live by them.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Assess the organisation’s internal capacity to deliver its business goals.
  • Create a new vision for how the organisation should look and feel internally.
  • Update their people development practices.
  • Review and re-engineer internal systems and processes.
  • Change the way the organisation works to respond better to changing market circumstances.
  • Review and change senior manager roles and structures.

Our interventions aim to go below the surface of what’s going on, to help you develop the kind of organisation that will deliver your goals harmoniously and for the longer term.

We have some valuable tools to help examine and foster culture change, including:

  • Nine Conversations in Leadership™ – a leadership development tool that aims to examine and develop culture and working methods of an organisation.
  • A staff climate and engagement survey tool.
  • A high-level focus group process to get under the surface of the issues.

See our Online Tools page for more details.

You said:

“Things have changed. We’ve grown quickly. Our management structures and operational processes need revision. Help us do that”

In brief we:

  • Developed a detailed review process with senior management and a cross-section of staff.
  • Carried out a survey of all staff.
  • Discussed results widely developing ideas for change.
  • Supported the transition process.
“John has been instrumental in helping a number of our developing country programs make key changes to the structure and culture of their teams. He has a practical, grounded approach which works well with our results-focused social business. John is an insightful enabler.”

Liz Sime, Deputy Director International Programs, Marie Stopes International