Leadership Development

Most organisations talk about the importance of effective leadership to inspire and build passion in their staff teams. And turbulent times call for even greater sophistication in leadership.

But research shows that higher levels of staff engagement lead to better performance. So, good leadership development programmes can add to the bottom lines of organisations.

Clients Approach Us To

  • Design a bespoke leadership programme.
  • Develop and run their own leader programme.
  • Support junior rising talent step up to a future leadership role.
  • Help refocus energies following major change
  • Help transform the leadership culture of their organisation.
  • Help re-ignite the fires of leadership within their senior staff.

We have some great experience of working on these challenges – with great results. We design bespoke interventions and we are accredited to deliver some world-class interventions.

We work in partnership with WorldsView Academy, developers of some astonishing organisational development tools, as one of their Global Partners. We are accredited to deliver two amazing leadership development programmes:

  • Nine Conversations In Leadership™
  • Heart of Leadership©

See our People and Partners page for more details.

We’re also contributing to the leadership debate. If you’re thinking about leadership development for your organisation, see our blog on leadership and, in particular, have a look at:

“We want to transform the leadership culture of this organisation and help our top people shift their perspective on their roles.”

In brief, we:

  • Spent some time talking with you about the best way to proceed to support individual change in a changing organisational context.
  • After considering a number of possibilities, we went for the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention as it offered the best possibility of shifting culture, reviewing overall purpose and goals, while working on the leadership skills of all the top people together.
  • The intervention ran over a six month period, supported by assignments and coaching inputs between intensive input sessions (the nine Conversations).
  • Consideration was given to outcome metrics, which are being monitored continuously to assess Return on Investment – and showing a healthy return to date.
“I have noticed that [following the leadership programme] I have won the confidence of my team, so that people don’t hesitate to speak to me … about something they’ve noticed.”

Senior Executive Team participant on one of our leadership interventions

‘[The leadership programme] contributed in a significant way to the resolution of a number of the organisation’s challenges.’

Another Senior Executive Team participant on one of our leadership interventions